Frequently Asked Questions

Website Updated on 4/25/2021

How much are your puppies?

Our puppies are priced the same regardless of sex or coat color. $1000.00 as a pet on Spay/Neuter contract with Limited registration or $1500.00 as a breeder on a breeding contract(available to select homes) with Full registration. 


How much is your deposit & is it refundable?

We require a $300.00 deposit to hold the pup of your choice. This is deducted from the total price of the puppy & is not an additional cost. Deposits are non refundable, please remember this when you are considering getting one of our pups. If you(or your children) have not been tested for allergies please be sure to get exposure to several dogs before making this decision. 


How  often do you have litters?

We have litters once a year per female. At this time we have one breeding female.


How does your wait list work?

After pups are born we contact families in order their application was received, pictures are sent & then a deposit must be placed to reserve you pup. You are more than welcome make you pick in person but please be keep your schedule open the week & weekend after pups are born so we can have you out to see the pups. 


How do I know which pups you have available?

Pictures will be posted here & on our Facebook page, pups will be marked 'HOLD' or 'SOLD' if they are no longer available. We will place a pup on 'HOLD' for 3 days without a deposit, after that time the pup will become available to the next family interested. 


Where are your dogs & pups raised?

All our Boxers live in our home, they sleep on in our bed & have their own couch. Pups are usually born in our bedroom next to our bed. Once they are a week old they & mom are relocated to our whelping room which is right off of our kitchen.




Can we come to your home to pick our puppy? 

Yes of course! We encourage families to come visit pups while they are with us. We love meeting everyone & seeing families interact with their new furry family member. We ask that you call & set up a day/time that works for you. We have a fairly flexible schedule & are available most any time. Before you come please do not visit any other breeders, do not visit any pet stores or veterinary offices but if you do please call and reschedule.


Can we choose our puppy by pictures?

We understand not everyone can chose their pup in person, we will send videos & several pictures of the available pups to help you make a decision. We have puppies in Canada, North&South Dakota, W. Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, & of course Minnesota. About half of these pups were chosen via pictures & videos and the families could not be happier with their furry family members. 


Are your pups registered?

All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) & all pups produced here are registrable with the AKC.


What kind of food do your dogs eat?

Our dogs eat Nature's Domain Chicken & sweet potato. Our pups are fed Natures Domain Puppy Food. 


Do you offer shipping?

We offer personal delivery or pet transport for our pups, this will be an additional cost. Prices may vary depending on gas prices around the time of delivery. 


Do your crop &/or dock your dogs/pups?

This is a personal preference, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We love the cropped look but currently all of our dogs have natural ears. Per the AKC standards all their tails have been docked & dewclaws removed. All our puppies will have their tails docked & declaws removed within the first 3-5 days of life. No exceptions will be made, we have seen too many tail & declaw injuries in Boxers that are completely natural. 


At what age can I bring my puppy home?

Our puppies do not leave until they have reached 8 weeks old. No exceptions.